Physical properties Total weight: 350g/m2 (nominal)
Non Woven Backed -
Vinyl’s 90g/m2 (nominal) backing260/m2 (nominal) vinyl
Woven Cotton Scrim Backed Vinyl’s 40g/m2 (nominal) backing310/m2 (nominal) vinyl
Roll size 130cmx30m-cutlengthsavailable
Fire Rating Class 'O" to the requirements of Approved Document B of the British Building Regulations (Class1, BS476part7). Euro class B-s2, dO. Class A ASTME-84 Tunnel Test.
Adhesive Fabric backed vinyl’s-Newmor Heavy. Varies with substrate-please enquire.
Bacteria Resistance Contains an active Fungicide.
Light Fast Excellent Light Fastness BSENISO105-8027/8 LRV = Light reflective value
Specifications Conforms to requirements of BSEN15102 BS EN 259 and WA-Quality standard W-101.
Stain/Chemical Resistance Pass ASTMD-1308 987 Federal Spot Test. Resistant to temporary staining of oils, fats, mild acids and alkalis.
Quality Assurance Our management systems and production procedures comply with ISO9001, the internationally recognized Quality Standard.
Availability Every product stocked in depth.
Origin Designed, colored, manufactured and stocked in the UK.
Warranty Newmor offers a five year warranty against manufacturing defects. Full details available on application.
Samples Larger samples are readily available on request.
Maintenance Fully washable ending most cases products can be scrubbed repeatedly to remove any marks without damaging the product itself. Most products are also able to with stand. The use of chlorine releasing agent’s solutions.